Summer FAQs

Summer FAQs

When can my student start working on their coursework?

Students can start work on their courses as soon as the day after the spring semester ends at their current school and they can work up to two weeks before the fall semester starts up again.

How does your program work?

We are an independent study program where students work to complete a semester course every (+/-) 3 to 4 weeks.  Students attend weekly appointments when enrolled.  The course pacing and attendance requirements are personalized for your student at your first meeting with a teacher.

Do you offer online courses?

The vast majority of our courses are offered online or in textbook form. We recommend the full online version of the courses for students enrolled for summer.

Does your program accommodate travel plans?

The online courses are great for the student, parent, and teacher to see where the student is at in their progress remotely. They will just need to work to ensure they do not need to take an exam while on vacation, as students need to take all mid-term and final exams in the resource center.  Beyond that, we recommend students coming in 2 times weekly if they are in town to receive assistance. It is our experience that students have less success in summer if they are out of town beyond a cumulative total of two weeks.

How do your language courses work?

Our language courses work similar to the rest of our curriculum.  We recommend the online versions of our language courses for students enrolled for summer.

How do I get transcripts for the completed courses to my student’s school for fall?

Transcripts will be available for request a week after the student completes their last assignment.  Please use the transcript request feature on our school website.

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